About this site

I built my first instrument in 1983, and have been engaged in luthiery ever since. My first love in instrument making will always be early plucked strings, but I’ve also built and repaired natural trumpets, cornetti, gemshorns, and crumhorns.

In 2005, I began converting all of my stock preparation and building methods to hand-tool-only/human-powered methods. I took that leap of faith partially because I wanted to walk in my luthier-grandfather’s shoes; partly because of historical/aesthetic reasons; and partly because I wanted to reduce the noise and dust levels in my shop.  The project has largely meant taking my luthiery shop off-line for a decade and re-learning half of my craft, but I still feel it was a good decision to make.

In this site, I’ll discuss my approach to early instrument and historical wire string making; converting my shop to traditional methods; returning to early music after a long hiatus; and some occasional side-trips in to my other interests, such as hearth cooking and cycling.

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